Strategic Consulting & investigations for the

medical cannabis community.



Law Enforcement Encounters for medical marijuana patients:

A practical workshop on how to interact with law enforcement. Includes what to do during traffic stops and home encounters.

Home Cultivation Safety and Security:

A must have class for anyone who is cultivating at home. It answers questions like:

What are the red flags that let thieves know you are growing at your house.

What do you say to law enforcement if they come to your house because of your garden?

What should you do if you have children living at your house?

- Strategic Consulting

- Government Advocacy

- Public Relations

- MMJ Defense Investigations

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When it comes to public policy and marijuana law reform, Nate Bradley is one of the brightest strategists in the nation.

Dan Rush

United Food and Commercial Workers

National Director, Cannabis and Hemp Division  

Mr. Bradley gave us a needed voice in out local government. He helped navigate our organization through the red tape and bureaucracy, to make sure our organization got the best ordinance possible. I would highly recommend him to anyone considering using his services.

Sam Mcconnell

President, Yuba County Growers Association  






Nate Bradley poses for a picture with former federal medical marijuana prisoner Angel Raich.

For those of you that don’t know her story.

Angel has an inoperable brain tumor and Scoliosis among many other medical conditions. She went to Federal prison when she was charged and found guilty of growing 6 marijuana plants. For more on Angels story click HERE

Former Police Officer  ---  MMJ Patient   ----  Activist